Metal Free Ceramics at Dr John's Dental Centre

Metal-free crowns are immensely popular with our clients looking for natural and authentic dental solutions.

Alumina – a procera milled tooth-coloured core that layering porcelain can be sintered to, offering an unrivalled blend of biocompatibility, beauty and fit. Alumina is used for single crowns only, in the anterior region.

Zirconia – an extra strong tooth-coloured core material, which can be coloured to match Vita shades. Zirconia exhibits the same qualities as alumina but is strong enough to be used in both the anterior and posterior regions and for milling long- and short-span bridge substructures.

Gradia – a high-quality composite material used mainly for inlays/onlays.

Feldspathic veneers – still one of the most natural looking restorations on the market, a quartz-based porcelain, usually made on a foil base or refractory die, the porcelain is then built up in layers to full contour and finally etched and bonded in the mouth. They are extremely translucent and can be finished to a thickness of 0.4mm, resulting in lifelike, aesthetically pleasing veneers.

Minimal/Non-prep veneers – this type of veneer product is becoming increasingly popular. They are extremely thin and require little or no reduction of enamel, resulting in the long-term preservation of the tooth or teeth veneered.